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About Us

Leading Lawtinas is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Ventura County, California. Currently, Latinas make up less than 2% of all attorneys in the United States.  Leading Lawtinas hopes to educate and empower young Latina women pursuing a career in law, to ultimately increase the percentage of Latina lawyers in U.S. 


Lawyers guide and make decisions on issues that impact our communities every day. Those decisions makers often don’t understand our lived experiences, which is why we need representation from within. The voices and experiences of Latinas in the community are needed to keep our legal system fair and just. 


Through all of our efforts, Leading Lawtinas hopes to significantly increase the number of Latina students who graduate from high school, enroll in a postsecondary institution, and are on track to pursue a career in law. 

Mission + Vision


Our mission is to education and empower the next generation of Latinas in law. 

Our vision is to utilize educational workshops, individualized mentoring, professional development, real-world exposure to the legal profession, and core programming during our summer fellowship to prepare our students for a successful career in law. 

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Board of Directors

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This year, Leading Lawtinas will be launching it's first internship program for students enrolled in Ventura County high schools or colleges. 

For frequently asked questions and  more information on how to apply , follow our "Get Invloved" link below. 

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