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Leonela Urrutia

Leonela Urrutia is an Arizona State University alumna and is a second year law student at the University of Denver - Sturm College of Law. She is the daughter of Guatemalan  immigrants raised in Phoenix, AZ. Currently, she is a judicial intern at the Colorado Supreme Court. Her dream is to use her education and experiences to help catalyze change within our government and our community. She is dedicated to increasing diversity in the legal field and volunteers her time mentoring diverse students. 


Abigail Duarte

As a first-generation student, Abigail had to figure out of the intricacies of college by herself, but that didn’t stop her from experiencing all that she could as she pursued her bachelor’s degree from the T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics. Aby studied abroad, and interned at a children’s home in South Africa. Seeing the education gap and  all the cultural differences in South Africa, inspired her to keep learning and to give back.


Christopher Vollaire

Christopher Vollaire is an Arizona State University employee and student with a background in Engineering Management and Sustainability. Utilizing his academic concentrations, Christopher uses strategic planning to synthesize cause and effect scenarios to accelerate the organization's growth and future success. He also utilizes innovative methods when it comes to generating funds and cutting expenses.

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